4 Link Building Tips That Will Help Your SEO Soar

Topic: SEO | 3 min read

Handy Link Building Tips

When you’re first setting up your website, a special thrill trips up your spine every time someone takes the time to link to you. It’s like validation, support, and advertising all rolled into one exciting package. That doesn’t necessarily ever go away, but unless you learn the real ins and outs of link building, you might be jumping for joy over false promises. If you’re giddy over a link in someone else’s mass text message or paying people to copy and paste your page all over the internet, you’re already veering off course. Correct your settings using these handy link-building tips that will help your SEO soar!

Reach out and Befriend Someone

Link building is all about relationships. You can certainly pay people to link to your site, but isn’t it more gratifying – not to mean cheaper – and more authentic to have a network of site owners who believe in your brand enough to tell their readership about it “just because”? To create this network, you can:

  • Join professional groups for a little old-school networking
  • Participate in online forums on Facebook and LinkedIn to meet other people in your niche
  • Link to other sites and tag them on social media – people who get something usually like to return the favor

Build a Quality Blog

Not everyone is going to want to link back to a landing page or to your bio, so give them something worthwhile that they can deliver to their audience without seeming like they’re posting ads. A blog is a perfect way to do this. You’ll be backing up your brand with useful information other people will like linking back to and you can also work on your internal linking – a total win-win! Actually, given the fact that blogs generate some 67 percent more leads versus other marketing methods, this tip might be a win-win-win…!

Know the Difference Between “More” and “Better”

With link building, as in most things, “more” is not always “better,” sometimes it’s just plain more. You can pepper the virtual universe with links to your site, but Google’s not stupid – their herd of SEO-savvy Pandas (ie, their ranking algorithm) will soon realize that you just spray painting your URL everywhere, and that kind of buckshot strategy to SEO almost always backfires. Register your site with quality directories and go for the slow burn; there are shady ways to grow your site quickly, but that kind of link building rarely ranks, and staying power is even less likely.

Learn From Your Competition

Hey, your competition may not be your friend, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help you out – even if they don’t know you’re doing it. Check out what backlinks the leaders in your industry have in common. If they share that common denominator, couldn’t you get in on that link-building action, too? There are so many tools available to internet entrepreneurs these days. You’ll never be building a site without help, but building links might be the best support system you can give yourself – and if you know what you’re doing, you can do it for pennies. What’s better than that?