Introduction to Photoshop

Introduction to Photoshop

Photoshop is a photo editing software that allows the creation of graphics or manipulation of digital photos and images.

Things to remember:

The default file format of a Photoshop file is .psd. This is a raw format which allows users to work on layers....

Lecture Manual: Basics of Web Design and Development

Web Design Interface

When we talk about web design interface, there are several key terms that a person can think about: website, design, web design, interface, usability, user experience, HTML, CSS etc.

In this lesson, we aim to understand the meaning and purpose of web design interface...

Why is my website not listed on Google Search?

Do you use Google Search or other search engine platforms to find potential service providers and companies relative to your industry? If you do, maybe you have wondered how these businesses rank on page one of Google searches. There are several actionable steps to make sure you are found online...

Five Reasons Why Business Owners Should Love WordPress

According to the web technology survey agency W3techs, one-third of all websites are now WordPress-based. As of March 2019, WordPress (WP) powers 33.3% of the web and has a content management system market share of 60.2%.

But what’s with...

Disadvantages of Free Website Builder


Using a free website builder isn’t always good for your brand because it's not customized. While some templates might provide a nice look for your website, it's not custom-fit to meet your brand aesthetics and brand values.


Free website builders show advertisements...

Why You Should Get a Website for Your Business

The business environment in this age of social media has significant differences from before when television, radio, newspapers, and magazines were the main media outlets for most people. Since technology has become part of a great chunk of our day, it is a wise move if it becomes part of your...