• Automated Social Media Postings — bad idea?

    I have noticed a lot of business owners, professionals, coaches, and influencers automate their social media postings.

  • Does cold email work?

    The good. This kind of lead generation strategy works on so many levels. It introduces your business and services to potential customers that have never heard of you in the past. Another good fact is that you can send many cold emails all at once.

  • Factors of a simple website design

    I'm sure you'll agree that a simple website design is easier to use and navigate.

    You need to consider these factors of a simple website design to make it easier for your brand, product or service reach your customers.

  • 5 Reasons why a Website is not Performing

    We’re now in the era where entrepreneurs and business owners leverage the use of digital marketing strategies to market brands and services.

  • FREE Resources for SEO

    The internet stores millions of valuable information about specific industries. Sometimes, you do not need to reinvent the wheel because there are many available resources that are already FREE and USEFUL found online.


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