• Getting Paid Upfront for Services Rendered

    I’ve been in the web design industry since 2009. In my experience, it’s either a designer gets paid less than the actual value of the web design project or is never paid at all. It’s a normal situation in a web designer’s freelance career.

  • Ralph Cue teaches Web Design at First Academy of Computer Arts

    Today, Ralph went to First Academy of Computer Arts to share his experience and knowledge in web design. The participants are a mix of college students, graphic designers, and teachers.

  • Doodlepress: web design and seo company in the Philippines

    Doodlepress is a digital marketing and website company based in the Philippines. It is a registered sole proprietorship business in Manila.

  • How better clients find you?

    There is so much client leads available to you as a web designer and developer or as a business. There are many different marketing strategies and techniques that you could maximize like signing up on a freelance website and using an advertisement platform.

  • Philippines: Do you use Social Media for your business?

    Social media usage in the Philippines is one of the highest in the world. In Jan 2016, out of the 101.47 million population of the Philippines, 48 million or 47% are active social media users. Every year growth in the number of active social media users increases at +20%.


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