• How to add and define a widget area in WordPress?

    In your functions.php, simply add the following code:

  • How to dynamically print post and page content to the WordPress Theme?

    In your page.php, add the following code to dynamically fetch data (in loop) from the WordPress database.

  • How to register and display a custom navigation in WordPress?

    Adding a custom navigation to your own WordPress theme is simple.

    You do not need any advance skill to do it yourself.

    The only pre-requisite to accomplish this is:
    1. Know where your functions.php is located.

  • How to add a CSS in WordPress?

    Here are three methods on how you can add a CSS in WordPress.

    First option: The standard and static way of adding a link between your stylesheet and html file.

  • The Definitive WordPress Pre-Launch Checklist

    Many people put in a lot of effort when creating their WordPress site. So, why not take the time to run through this checklist to make sure you get the most out of your efforts.


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